Nike Air Flight Lite Mid (1992)

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid.


Colorway: white/black

Original Release: 1992

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid OG.
1992 OG

Retro: 2021

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, right shoe,  lateral view.
2021 Retro

Release Type: general release

Players Associated with this Shoe: Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin, Reggie Miller, Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton

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I wore the 2021 NIke Air Flight Lite Mid casually. Then I played basketball in them. For context, I am a Point Guard who relies on speed and change of direction, so lightweight, low to the ground shoes that allow for a wide range of motion and have great traction are more important to me than cushioning or ankle protection. Please keep that in mind when reading this article.

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, right shoe, medial view.



Cushioning: Great on-court performer overall. While cushioning isn’t my top priority, it is probably the best feature of the Air Flight Lite Mid retro. The full length cushioning holds up very well and provides plenty of support throughout the entire foot. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, rear view.

Tongue: Another favorite feature is the tongue. Often overlooked when discussing ankle support, the tongue is lightweight and elastic yet supportive as it wraps around the front of the ankle, providing ample stability without compromising range of motion. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, right shoe, front view.

Cut: Similar to the tongue, the “Mid” in Flight Lite Mid provides ankle support without compromising range of motion. It makes the shoe versatile and a serious contender for players at all five positions. Excellent for changing direction. No surprise that Scottie Pippen, one of the most versatile players in NBA history, was its primary ambassador. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid.

Weight: The Flight Lite Mid is light enough to compete with today’s new releases. Great for players who rely on speed and quickness. 

Fit: The Flight Lite Mid runs true to size. When in doubt, go down half a size. The toe box is spacious, making it an option for people with wider feet. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, left shoe, front view.


Traction: The traction leaves something to be desired, especially in a dusty indoor court. Though I’ve had worse, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when making sudden changes of direction. I see a face plant or two in my future…

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, bottom view.

Upper: Upper is stiff around the toe area, causing discomfort in the toe box where the toes meet the foot, known as the metatarsophalangeal joints. The upper consists of leather but I highly doubt it is of the same quality as the OG. It’s difficult to break in. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, left shoe, medial view.


Though ideal for Guards and Small Forwards, I would recommend the Flight Lite Mid for players at all five positions. In addition to the features, the simple white/black colorway means the shoe works well with any uniform and the modest $110 price point makes it widely accessible. 

Grade: B

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, left shoe, lateral view.


Given the clean look and neutral colors, this shoe is versatile. They look great with shorts, jeans or sweatpants depending on the rest of the outfit. The tongue features the classic Flight logo, designed by Drake Ramberg, and adds a nice vintage touch. The superb cushioning makes them a comfortable choice for casual wear. 

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid.


Unfortunately the upper creases noticeably, even after one wear. This is especially obvious on the medial forefoot, where the crease forms a dent. They don’t look great after a few wears.

The Nike Air Flight Lite Mid, game worn.
Notice the dents that form after wearing them once casually.

The uppers are stiff at first and take a while to break in. After wear, the toe does that weird turn up thing that the 2014 retro of the Flight Huarache did. I’d stay away from wearing them on too many special occasions as they’ll start to look tacky.

Grade: B-

The Nike Air Flight Huarache on left and the Nike Air Flight Lite Mid on right.
Air Flight Huarache (left) and Air Flight Lite Mid “turn up” comparison.